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Latest Rap Songs 2018

> Hitman Snoop Dogg 20.03 million

> If Theres A Cure Snoop Dogg 1.95 million

> Pimp Cup Snoop Dogg 26.83K

> Welcome To California Snoop Dogg 227.55K

> Say Yeah Snoop Dogg 42.37 million

> Just Like My Chevy Snoop Dogg 52.86K

> Chicken Strip Snoop Dogg 47.25K

> Lets Go To Vegas Snoop Dogg 158.82K

> All My Bitches Snoop Dogg 1.31 million

> Lay Back Snoop Dogg 93.45K

> Fly Azz Fuc Snoop Dogg 21.41K

> Do It Well Snoop Dogg 46.39K

> Get High Snoop Dogg 1.92 million

> Way U Move Snoop Dogg 237.65K

> Eastsidin Snoop Dogg 891.67K

> Its In The Morning (Instrumental) Snoop Dogg 12.89 million

> Thurr Dey Go Chingy 62.07K

> How It Goes Chingy 11.27K

> Ya Hear Me Chingy 52.21K

> Git It Boy Chingy 98.89K

> All I Know Chingy 18.44K

> Drop A Dime Chingy 10.69K

> Feelin Like A Million Chingy 56.12K

> Anythang Chingy 71.47K

> Money Brought Me Back Chingy 23.78K

> Diamonds Chingy 111.55K

> The Haters Chingy 150.71K

> Set It Out Chingy 58.35K

> Iced Out Chingy 60.19K

> Take Me Chingy 18.87K

> Spartan (Freestyle) Crazy Titch 47.32K

> Freestyle Crazy Titch 36K

> Badman (Freestyle) Crazy Titch 18.66K

> Vegas Lights Crazy Titch 20.6K

> Dont Phone Me Crazy Titch 32.73K

> Hustling Crazy Titch 66.4K

> Old Skool Bars Crazy Titch 29.32K

> Talk Up Crazy Titch 48.35K

> Vibez Remix Crazy Titch 22.13K

> Forever (Freestyle) Crazy Titch 24.64K

> Jungle Beats (Freestyle) Crazy Titch 66.64K

> On To The Next One (Freestyle) Crazy Titch 25.5K

> Bed Rock Crazy Titch 29.18K

> Free Titch Crazy Titch 21.15K

> Intro Crazy Titch 62.75K

> Life Crazy Titch 41.37K

> Untitled Crazy Titch 23.33K

> Pussy (Freestyle) Crazy Titch 39.98K

> Over (Freestyle) Crazy Titch 124.68K

> Silencer (Freestyle) Crazy Titch 155.29K

> She Makes Me Smile Crazy Titch 44.53K

> Live In The Booth Crazy Titch 53.34K

> R.I.P Esco Crazy Titch 71.85K

> Automatic Rewind Bizzy Bone 62.51K

> Gangsta Music Bizzy Bone 191.14K

> American Soldier Bizzy Bone 86.15K

> So Cool Bizzy Bone 82.85K

> My Session Bizzy Bone 60.12K

> The Soul Bizzy Bone 172.4K

> How I Feel Bizzy Bone 64.29K

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