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R And B

Latest R And B Songs 2018

> Victory The Walkmen 31.28K

> DJ Made Me Do It Shontelle 59.26K

> All My Great Designs The Walkmen 50.89K

> Love Shop Shontelle 85.19K

> Woe Is Me The Walkmen 29.73K

> Helpless Shontelle 117.19K

> Torch Song The Walkmen 39.39K

> Kiss You Up Shontelle 171.03K

> While I Shovel The Snow The Walkmen 59.48K

> T Shirt (Radio Killa Mix) Shontelle 38.57K

> Lisbon The Walkmen 53.98K

> Juveniles The Walkmen 51.57K

> Perfect Nightmare Shontelle 50.19K

> Angela Surf City The Walkmen 11.42K

> Impossible Shontelle 146.7 million

> Follow The Leader The Walkmen 175.25K

> No Gravity Shontelle 67.58K

> Blue As Your Blood The Walkmen 136.84K

> Take Ova Shontelle 130.8K

> Stranded The Walkmen 26.88K

> Say Hello To Goodbye Shontelle 9.84 million

> First We Pray Nate Dogg 621.79K

> What Do You Say Omarion 221.04K

> G Funk Nate Dogg 201.18K

> Just Another Day Nate Dogg 467.59K

> Speedn Omarion 7.02 million

> Friends Nate Dogg 350.68K

> She Strange Nate Dogg 696.06K

> Thee Interlude Omarion 147.41K

> Bag O Weed Nate Dogg 94.54K

> Never Leave Me Alone Nate Dogg 3.44 million

> I Think My Girl Is Bi Omarion 489.1K

> Hardest Man in Town Nate Dogg 287.56K

> I Get It In Omarion 2.74 million

> Code Red Omarion 208.43K

> I Dont Wanna Hurt Me Nate Dogg 248.94K

> On My Grind Omarion 527.95K

> Nate Dogg 347.8K

> Kinkos Omarion 319.06K

> My World Nate Dogg 156.25K

> Hoodie Omarion 889.88K

> Sexy Girl Nate Dogg 221.02K

> Temptation Omarion 685.54K

> Dogg Pound Gangstaville Nate Dogg 69.8K

> Sweet Hang Over Omarion 272.27K

> Nobody Does it Better Nate Dogg 50.14K

> Wet Omarion 66.41K

> Nobody Not Really (Interlude) Alicia Keys 86.84K

> You Dont Know My Name Alicia Keys 49.38K

> If I Aint Got You Alicia Keys 132.08 million

> Diary Alicia Keys 46.74K

> Dragon Days Alicia Keys 122.43K

> Wake Up Alicia Keys 150.74K

> So Simple Alicia Keys 175.74K

> When You Really Love Someone Alicia Keys 8.93 million

> Harlems Nocturne Alicia Keys 256.05K

> Feeling U Feeling Me (Interlude) Alicia Keys 220.75K

> Karma Alicia Keys 424.05K

> Slow Down Alicia Keys 175.84K

> Heartburn Alicia Keys 280.49K

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