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Latest Hardcore Songs 2018

> The Keeper Of The Keys Salem 49.41K

> Fools Gold Salem 31.57K

> Hangmans Noose Salem 57.29K

> Cold As Steel Salem 48.71K

> Cold as Steel Salem 52.37K

> Coming For You Salem 486.59K

> Fools Gold Salem 52.09K

> Other Side of Hell Salem 12.42K

> Coming For You Salem 474.74K

> Fighting For The Cause Salem 66.61K

> Make The Grade Salem 57.67K

> Run For your Life Salem 124.83K

> The Keeper of The Keys Trilogy Salem 55.39K

> Reach For Eternity Salem 10.99K

> Make The Grade Salem 59.94K

> Save The Night Salem 52.7K

> Rock Fever Salem 56.15K

> Tattoos And Tequila Vince Neil 32.34K

> He Is A Whore Vince Neil 33.14K

> AC/DC Vince Neil 42.09K

> Nobodys Fault Vince Neil 51.71K

> Another Bad Day Vince Neil 56.58K

> No Feelings Vince Neil 27.93K

> Long Cool Woman Vince Neil 92.75K

> Another Piece of Meat Vince Neil 21.81K

> Who Will Stop The Rain Vince Neil 90.8K

> Viva Las Vegas Vince Neil 42.31K

> Bitch Is Back Vince Neil 20.18K

> Lost Without You Bad Habit 56.96K

> Hunger Bad Habit 4.82 million

> Winner Takes It All Bad Habit 52.03K

> Everytime I See You Bad Habit 64.73K

> Another Night Bad Habit 62.69K

> Turning Water Into Wine Bad Habit 62.16K

> I Dont Want You Bad Habit 83.81K

> Rock This Town Bad Habit 166.85 million

> Sad But True Bad Habit 48.72K

> Play The Game Bad Habit 61.1K

> Living On The Edge Bad Habit 54.76K

> Heart Of Mine Bad Habit 57.14K

> Surrender Bad Habit 49.39K

> A Lot To Learn Bad Habit 57.56K

> Need Somebody Bad Habit 63.06K

> Rowena Bad Habit 89.83K

> Welcome To Hell Dresden 57.77K

> Legalized Bribe Dresden 51.33K

> Fall Of Odin Dresden 51.79K

> Sterilize Dresden 74.49K

> God Has No Mercy Dresden 94.17K

> Final Hour Dresden 73.36K

> Scars Of Betrayal Wake Up To The Nightmare Dresden 86.24 million

> Worthwhile Overdose Mary Jane Kelly 31.48K

> Our Streets Turn White Mary Jane Kelly 2.73 million

> I Stabbed God In The Back Mary Jane Kelly 12.62K

> Intro Mary Jane Kelly 16.14K

> Sinking Ships To Burning Cars Mary Jane Kelly 20.63K

> Folding Seas And Lonely Deaths Mary Jane Kelly 11.37K

> Worthwhile Overdose Mary Jane Kelly 15.68K

> Our Streets Turn White Mary Jane Kelly 2.71 million

> Intro Mary Jane Kelly 22.02K

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